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Interactive Branding and Advertisement Technology

Engage, Enthuse and Enchant your Audience!

Novum Interactive is a Berlin-based multi touch- and gesture branding and advertising technology provider.
We support agencies, system integrators and brands with creating amazing interactive on screen experiences for their clients, projects or campaigns. We specialise in providing cutting edge software and services that enhance different steps of the customer journey.

We help you to Attract, Engage and Explore your audience. We are driven by 10+ years of experience in developing outstanding interactive projects. It is our mission to enchant our clients and their audiences with compelling consumer and brand interaction solutions.


 Novum Interactive helps agencies, system integrators and brands to create amazing interactive experiences for different
stages of the customer journey. We offer a variety of innovative and multi-engagement digital solutions to engage, stand out
and diversify in the crowd.


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Add the wow! to your digital brand presentation and attract your target audience in a playful way
Promote your product or brand and interact with passerby via our gesture and movement based gamification technology




Enthuse your customers with an amazing and interactive brand engagement journey
Develop a creative and unique digital branding campaign and drive traffic via our multi-touch and gesture recognition solution




Explore and research consumer behaviour and optimize your brand message for a perfect match
Integrate our statistics module into your interactive campaign and generate a detailed target audience profile




No matter if you have a retail shop, a booth at a trade show or a cinema or hotel lobby, it is always important to get to know your audience and enthuse them on their customer journey.

Novum Interactive provides cutting edge branding and advertisement technology for optimising your campaign or brand story with an enchanting interactive impression.


  • Amazing and unique visual content

  • Attention-catcher

  • Adjusted to your brand message or audience

  • A brand awareness boost


  • Stimulate a stronger consumer-brand relationship

  • Interactive audience engagement via cutting edge advertising technology

  • Fully customisable through every step of the customer journey


  • Markets, events and locations compatible

  • Track and control content and results remotely

  • Consumer behaviour insight with a detailed ROI analyses

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