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As the technology that Novum Interactive represents for helping agencies, system integrators and brands with optimizing their digital advertising campaigns and enthusing their audience is all about visual magic, it goes without saying that we also have a collection of best practices to share.

On this page we will take you on a journey through the amazing interactive advertising and branding solutions we have already created. For inspiration and an even better understanding of how our multi-touch, augmented reality and gesture based technology can enhance your consumer journey.

 Business Cases



No matter, if it's at a hotel, a museum, a company or a cinema, a lobby is always the perfect interface to state your branding messages and leave an outstanding impression on your visitors. There is no doubt that movement catches the eye. Our software solution gives you the opportunity to display your message in an interactive and/or augmented reality mode and customize the content of your display, depending on the user's reactions.


Malls and shops

Large retail complexes, containing a variety of stores, restaurants and other business establishments, always attract a huge amount of visitors and interest. Our software solution helps you to take advantage of these visitors streams and orchestrate their attention like never before. This results in increased amount of screen and social media interactions and customer knowledge, as well as in higher turnover and profit.


Events & Entertainment

Events are always a good way for companies to show their products and value proposition. One of the biggest challenges though, is to stand out of the digital signage crowd and attract the attention of attendees, who are often overwhlemd with numerous offers. Our solution helps you not only to entertain your customers and prospects but also to identify themselves with your brand and products via augmented reality.

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