FxMill Software Suite

FxMill software suite is the core of our offering. It combines various sensors, especially depth cameras, advance physics and graphics to create amazing interactive content, typically in 4K. It incorporates over 500 modules that can be combined to create ready to use apps or as a step stone to develop customer specific interactive experiences. The FxMill software suite apps can be fully configured, monitored or updated over a secured network connection. Different statistics can be generated, for instance the number of people that passed in front of the screen and/or how long they interacted with the screen. Below you can find a list of the FXMill core modules. Any one of them is 100% customisable via our Services 



Our latest module: The Augmented Reality Photo Booth Software with Multi Touch and Gesture Based screens

The Novum Augmented Reality Photo Booth contains the following FXMill Software Suite Modules:

  • Object Module

  • Nature Elements Module

  • Gamification Module

  • Statistics Module

  • Social Media Module

  • Multi Touch Screen

  • Gesture Based Screen

The AR Photo Booth Module augments your customer’s image with virtual 3D props over a large-screen display. The visitor stands in front of our solution and watches himself appear on a large screen. Instantly, predefined props and special effects (like fire, water, smoke, ice, flying and falling objects, etc.) are loaded onto the screen, where the user is able to move and interact with the props as if they are real objects. He/she can also switch through the props and replace the background on a touch screen tablet or mobile phone. When the guest is ready, a memorable Augmented Reality photo with a company logo can then be taken, printed, emailed, or shared via social media.


Attach Body Accessories Module

(Augmented Reality Mode)

Have you tried to imagine yourself with a new amazing fashion hat or a scarf? You dont need to imagine that, the body accessories module makes it all possible. In an augmented reality mode, you can attach to the passersby any branded object you would like to promote

Bucket Challenge Gamification Module (Augmented Reality Mode)

The Bucket Challenge is a game that proved its popularity. Passersby can fill a branded bucket with pop corn, balls or any other objects. The game is won If the bucket is filled within the set time. This can be accompanied by a physical reward.

Gadget Pool Gamification Module

(Augmented Reality Mode)

Gadget Pool is an game with a pool of objects, moved intuitively by one’s body in an engaging background. From a bucket of moving popcorns to a game of beach volley in Copa Cabanna, everything is possible with a few clicks.

Falling Objects Module

(Augmented Reality Mode)

Falling Objects is a module that creates a magic world with a cool fall-out effect of rain, snow or any imaginable object in an augmented reality mode. With this app you easily bring a picture or video to life as spectators see falling objects around their own body.

Attract Floating Objects Module (Augmented Reality Mode)

This module attracts floating branded objects to the spectators, who see themselves on the screen in an augmented reality mode. Attract is a fun module for entertainment and advertising. The scenery for a world, full of surprises and brandable objects is easily created.

Flying Objects Module (Gesture Based Mode)

Flying Objects is a module that creates a fascinating world with flying butterflies, birds or any other beautiful creatures you would like to select. They can hide any message, video or image until the passers-by stand in front of it.

Statistics and Audience Measurement Module

Audience Measurement is a module, which measures the attention, dwell time and profiles of viewers. The module analyses the faces of spectators and will report the number of viewers over a period and will also specify the age and gender of the watchers.

Social Wall (Gesture Based Mode)

With the Social Wall module, you can create your own digitally displayed assemblage of Social Media posts (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) to your liking. You can simply choose a for your brand- relevant hashtag or account, choose a time frame and you’re done.

Fire and Smoke Visual Effect Module (Augmented Reality Mode)

Fire and Smoke Visual Effect is a module with a fire and smoke effect, surrounding peoples’ body movements. As they walk by the screen, a hidden image, message or a video appears, which draws their attention to your product.

Waves Visual Effect Module (Augmented Reality Mode)

Waves is a module with an appealing water effect, caused by people’s presence in front of a large display. Additionally ripples expand beautifully around the body movement. The water flow above a picture or video makes the visualisation highly attractive.

Ice Visual Effect Module (Gesture Based Mode)

Ice Effect creates a cool fairy effect with ice crystals forming until you sweep them away with your gestures to discover what’s behind. In combination with a foreground and background image or video, you can create magical winter and icy scenes with it.

Moving Tiles Module (Gesture Based Mode)

Moving Tiles is a module, aimed to surprise passerby and grab
their attention instantly. As they walk by the display, a various number of tiles start turning from one picture to another, following the viewer’s body movement.

Window Shopping Module (Gesture Based Mode)

Windows Shopping is a module with a reveal effect, surrounding peoples’ body movements. As they walk by the screen, hidden images, messages or videos appear, which draw their attention to your product.

Picture Smash Module (Gesture Based Mode)

Picture Smash will use your body movement to sweep away one picture into another. The movements scatter away tiny picture pieces and reveal the next one. Picture Smash is a great module for advertising and promoting content in a very attractive way.

Image Slider Module (Gesture Based Mode)

This module reveals your content from one image or video to another with a cool effect, surrounding a body with flames. Once a good part is uncovered, the rest of the picture will be revealed. Image Slider is perfectly fit for shopping windows, fashion pictures and advertising.

Reveal Module (Gesture Based Mode)

Reveal is a module that reveals content with your body movement. It is as if the viewer can scratch away one layer on the screen to discover another one. By combining two images, two videos or a mix, a much surprising effect is easily created

The Technical Features of FXMill include:

Visual effects

  • Fire,Water,Ice, Smoke

  • Snow, Attract, Ball pit

  • Much more

Additional   features

  • Statistics ( SQL)

  • 4k content and Video playback

  • Remote management

  • QR  code generation

  • 3D  Models support

  • Gamification

  • Multi Computer scalability

  • Eco system integration

  • Physics engine

Camera interaction

  • Depth Camera

  • Web cam

  • Face and Gender recognition

Custom multi  touch

  • Capacitive and IR frames

  • Lidar  touch

  • Android and Windows tablets

Augmented Reality

  • RealSense  depth Camera

  • Optional 4k RGB camera

  • Body skeleton interaction