Our Solutions 

Novum Interactive helps agencies, system integrators and brands to create amazing interactive advertisement and branding experiences. We offer a variety of innovative and multi-engagement digital solutions to engage, stand out and diversify.

We Attract 

Add the wow! to your digital brand presentation and attract your target audience in a playful way
Promote your product or brand and interact with passerby via our gesture and movement based gamification technology

  • Our gesture based gamification solution helps you to promote your branding  
    and products by letting people play a game on a screen or video wall and win awards

  • Use our movement based technology to interact with passersby and send them
    customised messages (links with the modules should be inserted here)

  • Your store is closed and you are losing potential customers? Forget about this
    problem! With our powerful multi touch solution, combined with QR code, you
    can sell and interact with your clients even outside business hours


  • Amazing and unique visual content

  • Attention-catcher

  • Adjusted to your brand message or audience

  • A brand awareness boost


We Engage

Enthuse your customers with an amazing and interactive brand engagement journey
Develop a creative and unique digital branding campaign and drive traffic via our multi-touch | gesture recognition solution

  • Our multi touch solution, combined with gesture recognition allows you to  
    engage your customers in a creative way. All your products are literally at the
     fingertips of your customers on a screen or an interactive table.

  • You are stuck in a changing room with the wrong size of clothes and you cannot
    get out to look for the right ones? This experience will belong to your past with
    our RFID tracking solution. A magic mirror immediately recognizes your clothes
    and looks for the right size and color in store and online.

  • Nowadays there are multiple offline opportunities to make potential customers
    aware of your products. Profit form the high traffic of shopping malls or mass   
    transit stations and let passersby try on your products in a virtual probation room.
    In an AR mode, they can try them and send a selfie with the selected products
    and send it together with a voucher to their email address.


  • Stimulate a stronger consumer-brand relationship

  • Interactive audience engagement via cutting edge advertising technology

  • Fully customisable through every step of the customer journey


We Explore

Explore and research consumer behaviour and optimize your brand message for a perfect match
Integrate our statistics module into your interactive campaign and generate a full target audience profile

  • Our statistics module shows gender, age, emotion and attention span, most
    wanted and used products and is available for each solution, daily and monthly


  • Markets, events and locations compatible

  • Track and control content and results remotely

  • Consumer behaviour insight with a detailed ROI analyses


Our interactive branding and advertising solutions in which we Attract, Engage and Explore your audience can be customised for a broad variety of locations and markets. Novum Interactive will optimize your digital engagement campaign for the best location match and campaign results.



No matter, if it's at a hotel, a museum, a company or a cinema, a lobby is always the perfect interface to state your branding messages and leave an outstanding impression on your visitors. There is no doubt that movement catches the eye. Our software solution gives you the opportunity to display your message in an interactive and/or augmented reality mode and customize the content of your display, depending on the user's reactions.


Malls and Shops

Large retail complexes, containing a variety of stores, restaurants and other business establishments, always attract a huge amount of visitors and interest. Our software solution helps you to take advantage of these visitors streams and orchestrate their attention like never before. This results in increased amount of screen and social media interactions and customer knowledge, as well as in higher turnover and profit.


Events and Entertainment

Events are always a good way for companies to show their products and value proposition. One of the biggest challenges though, is to stand out of the digital signage crowd and attract the attention of attendees, who are often overwhelmed with numerous offers. Our solution helps you not only to entertain your customers and prospects but also to identify themselves with your brand and products via augmented reality.

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