Novum Interactive Augmented Reality Photo Booth at DMEXCO 2018


Partner: DMEXCO is the biggest digital marketing conference in Germany. It attracts more brands, agencies, media and tech players from the industry than any other trade show – in 2018 there were 41,000 visitors from 95 countries. The DMEXCO Conference brings together all the major theme worlds and disruptive trends of the digital economy and presents them on a total of 18 stages. From leading international CEOs to start-up founders, and from digital prophets to creative masterminds, exceptional individuals and top decision makers from all segments of the global digiconomy illuminated the most important trends at DMEXCO.

Project: DMEXCO selected Novum Interactive as a special advertising partner in the hall, dedicated to technology of the future. We presented for the first time our brand-new product, called the Novum AR Photo Booth The Novum AR Photo Booth augments your customer’s image with virtual 3D props over a large-screen display. The visitor stands in front of our solution and watches himself appear on a large screen. Instantly, predefined props and special effects (like fire, water, smoke, ice, flying and falling objects, etc.) are loaded onto the screen, where the user is able to move and interact with the props as if they are real objects. He/she can also switch through the props and replace the background on a touch screen tablet or mobile phone. When the guest is ready, a memorable Augmented Reality photo with DMEXCO logo can then be taken, printed, emailed, or shared via social media.

Another feature we presented was the so-called gamification, which enables promotion of special products in a playful and fun way. In this case, visitors could decorate a Christmas tree with cosmetics products.

The Novum AR experience managed to attract hundreds of users to out booth, amuse them a big time and let them take away a very nice memory from the conference.

Apps Used: all modules from the store and Custom development