Novum Interactive Christmas Experience at DMEXCO 2018


Customers nowadays are bombarded with information and advertisement on all channels and it is very difficult to capture their attention and engage them over a longer period of time. Our Novum Augmented Reality Experience solution orchestrates the attention of your customers, puts a smile on their faces and encourages them to act while they are in your store, in your lobby or at your event. And furthermore, research shows that customers in a good mood buy more and stay loyal to your brand.

The Novum AR Experience augments your customer’s image with virtual 3D props over a large-screen display. Your customer stands in front of our solution and watches himself appear on a large screen. Instantly, predefined props and special effects (like fire, water, smoke, ice, flying and falling objects, etc) are loaded onto the screen, where the user is able to move and interact with the props as if they are real objects. He/she can also switch through the props and replace the background on a touch screen tablet or mobile phone. When the guest is ready, a memorable Augmented Reality photo can then be taken, printed, emailed, or shared via social media.

Another feature is the so-called gamification, which enables promotion of special products in a playful and fun way.

A core functionality of our software is a statistics module to gather information about your customers’ behaviour and track the performance of your campaigns.

Further features include:

  • Quick and accurate detection of up to 6 users

  • Multi touch and gesture-based detection

  • The content is 100% customizable, depending on the customer’s needs

  • The AR photos can be emailed, posted, shared or printed

Our software is the result of 10-year ongoing development and has been deployed in shopping malls, cinemas and corporate lobbies and at trade shows across the globe. We have a special Christmas promotion with a 50% discount. The following three modules are included:

1. Novum AR experience

2. Decoration of an interactive Christmas tree game

3. An interactive Advents Calendar for product promotions

The offer includes 2 months rental of the software, 2 days of content customisation and support during the whole 2 months period.