Multitouch Screen at the Lobby of Dubai’s Technology Entrepreneurship Centre DTEC

DTEC showcase.jpg

Customer: The Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Centre (DTEC) is a purpose-built start-up business centre to accommodate and support young technology companies. DTEC offers greatly discounted and flexible technopreneur office space and highly subsidized technopreneur business licenses, as well as multiple visas per company.
With its 3,600 sqm space, it is the largest technology entrepreneur in MENA, comprising of more than 350 desk workstations and offices. 

Project: DTEC installed an innovative eye-catcher at its entrances. The startup center shows off its appetite for the latest technologies with interactive applications on an entertaining video wall. Visitors can view company information via games, spiced with human gestures, augmented reality, social media and more engaging interaction. Upon entry, a 3x3 47” video wall invites visitors to interact intuitively by gestures or participatory via their smartphones with the games on the big screen. Results: DTEC can pick the right interactive App fit for the type of message and experience they want to bring to their visitors. Long and costly development times for interactive experiences are gone, as our app store lets companies pick the App right off the shelf.”

Partner: DOOH Apps

Apps Used:  Moving Tiles, Social Wall and Custom development