Software Licenses

The FXMill Software Suite is the core of our software offering. As a result of 10-year ongoing development, it helps users to save development time and costs, easily scale across countries and locations, remotely manage, as well as measure the efficiency of their offline campaigns. The FXMill Software Suite includes the following modules and features:


Augmented Reality

  • RealSense depth Camera

  • Optional 4k RGB camera

  • Body skeleton interaction

Visual effects

  • Fire,Water,Ice, Smoke

  • Snow, Attract, Ball pit

  • Much more

Camera Interaction

  • Depth Camera

  • Web cam

  • Face and Gender recognition

  • Custom multi touch

  • Capacitive and IR frames

  • Lidar touch

  • Android and Windows tablets

Additional features

  •  Statistics ( SQL)

  • 4k content and Video playback

  • Remote management

  • QR code generation

  • 3D Models support

  • Gamification effects

  • Multi Computer scalability

  • Eco system integration

  • Physics engine

AR photo booth

  • Quick and accurate detection of up to 6 users

  • Multi touch and gesture-based detection

  • The content is 100% customisable, depending on the customer’s needs

  • Predefined props and special effects (like fire, water, smoke, ice, flying and falling objects, etc are available

  • The AR photos can be emailed, posted, shared or printed