Body Accessories

Have you tried to imagine yourself with a new amazing fashion hat or a scarf? You dont need to imagine that, the body accessories app makes it all possible. In an augmented reality mode, you can attach to the passersby any branded object you would like to promote

The Bucket Challenge

The Bucket Challenge is a game that proved its popularity. Passersby can fill a branded bucket with pop corn, balls or any other objects. The game is won If the bucket is filled within the set time. This can be accompanied by a physical reward.

Gadget Pool

Gadget Pool is an application game with a pool of objects, moved intuitively by one’s body in an engaging background. From a bucket of moving popcorns to a game of beach volley in Copa Cabanna, everything is possible with a few clicks.

Falling Objects

Falling Objects is an application that creates a magic world with a cool fall-out effect of rain, snow or any imaginable object in an augmented reality mode. With this app you easily bring a picture or video to life as spectators see falling objects around their own body.