No matter, if it's at a hotel, a museum, a company or a cinema, a lobby is always the perfect interface to state your branding messages and leave an outstanding impression on your visitors. There is no doubt that movement catches the eye. Our software solution gives you the opportunity to display your message in an interactive and/or augmented reality mode and customize the content of your display, depending on the user's reactions.


Malls and Shops

Large retail complexes, containing a variety of stores, restaurants and other business establishments, always attract a huge amount of visitors and interest. Our software solution helps you to take advantage of these visitors streams and orchestrate their attention like never before. This results in increased amount of screen and social media interactions and customer knowledge, as well as in higher turnover and profit.


Events and Entertainment

Events are always a good way for companies to show their products and value proposition. One of the biggest challenges though, is to stand out of the digital signage crowd and attract the attention of attendees, who are often overwhlemd with numerous offers. Our solution helps you not only to entertain your customers and prospects but also to identify themselves with your brand and products via augmented reality.


Some Reference Cases of the FXMill Software and our services


Novum Interactive Christmas Experience at DMEXCO 2018

DMEXCO is the biggest digital marketing conference in Germany. It attracts more brands, agencies, media and tech players from the industry than any other trade show – in 2018 there were 41,000 visitors from 95 countries. The DMEXCO Conference brings together all the major theme worlds and disruptive trends of the digital economy and presents them on a total of 18 stages.

NEC Showcase in London

Being a NEC technology partner, Novum Interactive has been invited to present its innovative technology solution in one of the prime locations of the exhibition. The Augmented reality, gender based, content was shown in 4 K on 4 full HD NEC screens. Based on the attention spam of the visitors and their emotional reactions, an interactive bucket challenge popcorn game was started with the option of winning a real popcorn.

Lucky One Mall in Pakistan

A 24 feet wide media wall corridor which is composed of 3 screens, is housing the experience of baking a cupcake. Via augmented reality and gamification effects, provided by the FXMill Software Suite, the cupcake producer Peek Freans attracts huge attention to their shop and substantially increases their ROI. The results are impressive: 20.000 interactions, across 320 plus screens nationwide, reaching 8 milllion people across Pakistan


The Ozas Shopping Centre in Lithuania

The Ozas shopping center in Vilnius has a new point of attraction for the Christmas Holidays. Kids and their parents line up to play with the first and largest interactive video entertainment wall of the Baltic states. The mall’s shop owners use it to natively advertise their promotions on this eye-catching Digital-out-of-Home billboard and, moreover, the results are measured and optimised by the shopping center’s marketing department to improve advertising ROI for the tenants.

NEC and Barco boot at the ISE in Amsterdam

ISE in Amsterdam is the largest AV and systems integration show in the world with 15-year history and more than 20.000 visitors. Attracting their attention, despite of the fierce competition is a difficult task. NEC and Barco managed this task quite well and were, thanks to the augmented reality and gamification effects of FXMill, in the international spotlight during the whole show.

Dubai’s Technology Entrepreneurship Centre DTEC

DTEC installed an innovative eye-catcher at its entrances. The startup center shows off its appetite for the latest technologies with interactive applications on an entertaining video wall. Visitors can view company information via games, spiced with human gestures, augmented reality, social media and more engaging interaction. Upon entry, a 3x3 47” video wall invites visitors to interact intuitively by gestures or participatory via their smartphones with the games on the big screen.


Golden Village Multiplex in Singapore

Golden Village Multiplex is Singapore's leading cinema exhibitor with 11 multiplexes housing 92 screens. Golden Village installed the first interactive cinema lobby video wall in South-East Asia. It is showing a large video wall with interactive applications at its headquarters in Singapore. Visitors can interact with a number of applications on a giant Barco 4 x 3 LCD video wall. Passersby can play with the wall in numerous ways going from intuitive gesture based entertainment to engaging social media campaigns.