Tap into The Future of Next Gen Advertising.

Boost your Brand Awareness with our next generation advertising technology.
Novum Interactive offers you a solution to engage your audience and capture their hearts like you have never done before.






Let’s make this years’ Christmas advertisement campaign extra merry!


Dazzle your customers and capture their hearts with our unique AR advertisement experience.

Novum Interactive offers you a solution to orchestrate your brand attention like
never before:

  • Advertising, supported by Augmented Reality and Gamification

  • Interactive content, tailored to your brand and audience

  • Performance tracking of your campaign

Learn more about how our AR advertisement technology can boost your Christmas revenue! Explore Novum’s interactive AR photo booth, window shopping Christmas calendar, Christmas games.


We Orchestrate Brand Attention.

Novum Interactive represents a digital revolution in orchestrating your customers attention. Our innovative apps and on-screen brand engagement technology have been developed to offer you a state of the art advertising solution. We add the ‘wow!’ to your brand presentation and we create a customized engagement experience that catches the eye.


We engage, stand out and diversify.

Novum Interactive uses augmented reality and branded reactive content to engage your audience. A technology that has been developed to stand out and diversify at mass events or locations. We orchestrate brand attention, interact with your target audience and stimulate e-commerce in lobbies, malls and shops and at presentations and events.



No matter if it’s at a corporation, a hotel, a museum or at a cinema; a lobby is always the perfect interface to interact with your audience. Explore how our technology stimulates brand engagement among lobby visitors all over the world.


Malls and Shops

Large retail complexes, restaurants and other business establishments always attract a huge amount of visitors. Explore how shopping malls and entrepreneurs across the world benefit from our technology in increasing their customer interaction.


Events and Entertainment

Events are often used as a valuable stage for brand showcases and product launches. Explore how our technology supports international businesses in enthusing their customers and clients, increasing brand awareness at the same time.


We create amazing interactive content.

The FxMill software is the heart of Novum’s technology and has been constantly improved and developed in the past 10 years. It enables screens to interact with their audience and combines various kinds of technology, in order to create amazing interactive content. The FxMill software suite apps are customizable, scalable and secure and can be managed remotely. Different statistics reports can be generated and can help companies to get better knowledge of their customers and eventually boost their turnover. The advertisement / branding module is used for interactive shopping, product presentation, social engagement, visitor profile and gamification purposes.



This app attracts floating branded objects to the spectators, who see themselves on the screen in an augmented reality mode. Attract is a fun application for entertainment and advertising. The scenery for a world, full of surprises and brand-able objects is easily created.

Product Presentation/E commerce

Social Wall

With the Social Wall application, you can create your own digitally displayed assemblage of Social Media posts (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) to your liking. You can simply choose a for your brand- relevant hashtag or account, choose a time frame and you’re done.

Social engagement

Audience Measurement

Audience Measurement is an application, which measures the attention, dwell time and profiles of viewers. The app analyses the faces of spectators and will report the number of viewers over a period and will also specify the age and gender of the watchers.

Visitor profile/interactive shopping


From past experiences to future success

After all the read Novum Interactive also wants to showcase some past experiences of international clients and brands we have supported with our interactive apps and on-screen advertisement solution. As inspiration for the future success we have to offer you in targeting your audience and boosting your brand.


NEC Showcase in London

NEC and Barco boot at the ISE in Amsterdam

Lucky One Mall in Pakistan


The Benefits of our Next Gen Advertising Solution.    

  • Capture your audience with a unique interactive advertisement journey
  • Orchestrate your brand attention with amazing and innovative content
  • Stay ahead of competition and stand out in the digital crowd
  • Stimulate a strong consumer - brand relationship via augmented reality
  • Adapt your brand messaging to your consumers gender, age and emotions
  • Track and control campaign content and results remotely with a detailed ROI analysis